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Why Choose AHL?

  • It is the combination of Dr Frederick‚Äôs experience being directly involved with handling over 3000 cases with high powered lasers and the most sophisticated laser computer control systems that make the AHL protocols so safe and effective. But make no mistake; high powered lasers used for therapeutic purposes are capable of damaging tissues, if improperly used.
  • However, high powered lasers when properly used can provide truly miraculous and amazing benefits. To be effective the amount of power and time and temperatures must be monitored closely and the operators should understand the physics and physiology behind lasers.
  • Without proper training we have found that not only can healing be adversely effected, tissues can be damaged. That is why all AHL certified operators receive extensive training in laser physics, safety and proper operation. AHL also uses only the most sophisticated laser systems with complex computer monitoring and control systems. An AHL Certified Operator guarantees the patient a safe and effect, rapid recovery.