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How to become an AHL practitioner

AHL is dedicated to the training and research of non-invasive fast effect pain relief and accelerated healing. After 26 years of experience treating, teaching, and researching pain management in sports medicine, Dr. Frederick, the founder of AHL Therapeutics, is now training and certifying doctors and clinics across the USA in the use of therapeutic lasers.

Doctors who complete the program will receive AHL Certification and are eligible to have their clinic become an AHL certified treating facility.

This Certification program which requires more than 40 hours of in classroom time includes laser physics, laser history, laser research and the study of thermodynamics, laser safety, and differential diagnosis. It also requires 20 hours of hands on clinical application and experience.

The AHL Therapeutics certification program is more than just a laser fundamentals course, it is a complete practical guide to bring the clinician, team trainer, or physiotherapist from novice to expert in the use of therapeutic lasers.

We offer a complete marketing solution to enhance profitability and success. Furthermore, we offer ongoing support and a fully computerized program that allows all AHL's clinics to participate in our ongoing research.

Annual certification renewal is required in order to ensure all practitioners stay up to date with the latest clinical protocols and maintain the highest standard of care.


Professional Login provides access to all of AHL full text research articles and established protocols as well as the laser training program.

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