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Does laser therapy hurt?

faq exampleNo! It is a non-intrusive procedure. You may experience a slight warming feeling but never anything more than that.

How long does laser therapy take?

One session can take anywhere from 7 – 10 minutes depending on the ailment. The prescribed amount of sessions also depends on the type of injury. Some people with mild conditions can complete their treatment in as little as one to three sessions while more chronic conditions may take 10 – 12 sessions.

What exactly is the laser doing?

The laser uses light energy to balance and energize the cells. It also blocks enzymes responsible for acute and chronic pain and inflammation. Additionally unique to our laser, photonic waves of the laser produce a micro- massage effect that forces inflammation into the lymphatic system. The positive effects of the laser continue after the treatment session.

Who else uses High intensity laser therapy (HILT)?

Hilt has been used on Italian athletes in the 2008 Beijing Olympics and is available in 20 other countries. Presently, American Health Lasers (AHL) is the sole distributor and Dr. Frederick has the only unit in the USA.

Are there any complications with HILT or laser therapy?

Some people experience a rebound effect similar to having a big workout. This is actually not an increase in pain but a return to a more acute healing reaction by the body. Also due to the analgesic effect of the laser when one goes from pain to no pain so quickly, sometimes the body becomes more aware of the pain.

How long has it been used and where does it come from?

We have acquired this technology from the leaders in laser technology from Italy. Laser therapy has been around in other countries since the 1960’s and is used in many hospitals in other countries. The USA has been using lasers since the beginning of 2000. There are over 2500 studies showing the efficacy of laser therapy. The Hiro 3.0 has also undergone rigorous clinical trial testing in Italy. Click here for more research.

How much does each laser session cost?

The average cost of treatment is between $80 -$100 depending on severity of condition and number of sessions needed to complete treatment.

Where can I find more info?

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Can it cause skin burning?

AHL doctors are specifically trained to use all types of therapeutic lasers. Our techniques are intrinsically safe given that they take into account the thermal relaxation time of the tissues.

Does it have any contraindications?

AHL doctors do not use lasers on or around the eyes as it may cause damage to the retina. However, protective glasses are worn as a precaution to protect both the doctor's and patient's eyes during treatment sessions. Also, particular attention is given to patients with cancer, wearing a pacemaker, pregnant women, or epileptic patients. We also do not treat conditions over or near over the thyroid gland.

Is it possible to use it together with other treatments? Does it interact with the other therapies?

It can be used together with other treatments and it usually accentuates the results of other physical therapies. In the event of its application together with other physical therapies that are characterized by a hyper thermal effect, it is recommended to use the laser first or cool the area or wait at least one hour from the previous application.

Why should I prefer it to other therapies?

Because it is painless, non invasive, and it gives immediate pain relief, it shortens the recovering period and allows one the possibility to start physiotherapy exercises sooner. Moreover, it can reach in total safety conditions the pathologies in the deepest structures where other therapeutic techniques can not arrive.