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What is High Intensity Laser Therapy?

LASER is an acronym for
  • Light
  • Amplification by the
  • Stimulated
  • Emission of
  • Radiation
  • Broadly speaking, a laser is light energy that is reflected through a gain medium then multiplied between two mirrors in an optical cavity and the released emitting a coherent and monochromatic light either pulsed or continous, which depending on the wavelength and power, can perform a specific task
  • The wavelength can be better understood if we think of the colors of the rainbow or light spectrum: the gain medium or filter that the light goes through determine the wavelength.
  • The secret of using light energy for pain relief and acceleration in healing is the deep penetrating capability of laser light: if you can not hit the tissue you can not effect the tissue
The term laser conjures up in most people's minds a star wars type of weapon vaporizing anything in its path! Such lasers do, of course, exist that are capable of producing that effect. Yet, lasers have been in used in various fields of medicine since the early 1960's with great success. Lasers of this variety have proved to be invaluable in these fields as well:
  • Gynecology for treating cancer of the cervix, where accuracy and instant effective treatment is vital
  • Ophthalmology, dermatology, gastro-enterology, and otolaryngology

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