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At American Health Lasers (AHL), new cutting edge protocols provide fast pain relief and accelerate the healing process. AHL offers the best non-surgical approach to pain management.

In August of 2008, Dr. Bradley Frederick, became the first doctor in the United States to have the latest Laser technology for pain management. With the seemingly endless improvements and increases in power of lasers, we realized the need for proper use of the technology that modern medicine has stumbled upon. After all, a powerful tool is only as useful as the person who applies it. American Health Lasers offers a patented state of the art system of therapy that leads to immediate pain reduction for most pathologies or conditions. From athletic sports injuries to everyday pain and arthritis, American Health Lasers offers the solution.

The use of High Intensity Laser Therapy (HILT) has been developed, tested and utilized in other countries for over 25 years, however only recently has it been FDA approved for therapeutic use in the USA. More than 2,500 scientific publications demonstrate its effectiveness and validity in treating a wide variety of musculoskeletal conditions. At AHL, we pride ourselves in training medical professionals how to appropriately apply therapeutic lasers in order to produce the best results.

Upon introduction of laser technology into the USA, our first concern was whether therapeutic Lasers are completely safe and whether they have effective and reproducible results. Until now, conventional Laser therapy has been applied through devices featuring low or medium power, with limited results. In addition to the world’s most powerful Laser, AHL offers all ranges of lasers on the market and we determine the best type of treatment based on your individual needs.

In 2008, AHL has used High Intensity Laser Therapy (HILT) to successfully treat symptoms of over 3000 clinical cases ranging from herniated discs to conditions like arthritis, carpal tunnel, tennis elbow, and rotator cuff tears. This experience has led AHL to the development of the appropriate amount of laser energy and depth of penetration to ensure the highest degree of efficacy and efficiency.

Muscle fascia release techniques coupled with the application of surgical coolers and our lasers has also been adopted as a standard protocol for many conditions to relieve spasms and reduce pain. To monitor the treatment process and results, AHL has incorporated many scientifically proven techniques. Our unique laser coupled with our revolutionary protocols offers a huge opportunity and ability to treat many conditions that do not respond or respond slowly to conventional therapies.